Johnson & Johnson's consumer sector needed their world headquarters and offices to showcase how far their portfolio has come over the past 130-ish years, while still celebrating their heritage.

I sourced an array of imagery from past advertising, vintage product photography, and the company’s historical library that exemplified its vast reach. Then, I created a portfolio of 80+ silhouettes that incorporated that imagery. Keep scrolling to see how I combined elements of packaging, ingredients, and legacy ads to make seamless patterns that tell the story of the J&J consumer sector's history and vibrancy.

The final artwork was incredibly flexible—it ranged from minimalist blank silhouettes to bold, imagery-filled pieces. Continue down the page to check out a few (of very, very many) examples of how and were it was applied.

The minimalist approach to the pattern was then expanded to J&J’s medical and pharmaceutical sectors with a few more variances added, too.

My Role: Concept Developing – Environmental Design – Production Design.

Contributors: Tyson Thorne: Design DirectionReed Burgoyne: Design Lead Lauren Blalock: DesignYelena Avanesova: Senior DesignerGarret Rowland: Photography