2018’s World Economic Forum took place in Davos, Switzerland. We worked with ConsenSys to bring the experience of a lifetime to the event, which we called Ethereal Lounge.

ConsenSys is a software production studio based on Ethereum, a decentralized cryptocurrency platform. I lead concepting for the ConsenSys team in order to establish a look and feel for the Lounge, which was modern and sophisticated yet welcoming. For visuals, we created imagery using a triangular pattern from the company’s’ brand assets and a mountainscape representing the topography of Davos, seamlessly blending the unique landscape with the brand. This motif was used to brand multiple touchpoints throughout the event.

We also collaborated with interior design teams to establish a cohesive experience that both highlighted the technological nature of the company and gave guests plenty of space to chat.

My Role: Concept Developing – Environmental Design – Production Design.

Contributors: Jeffrey Silva: Design Direction – Jose Caballer: Design Chef – Juliane Chung: Senior Designer Lauren Blalock: Design 


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