Break through sea of blue on store shelf. 

Elevate consumer benefit, and help navigation.

Enhance experience and drive differentiation. 

After years of setting the standard for adhesive bandages, Band-Aid's design has been replicated so much that at first glance, consumers can’t tell the difference between any of the brands on the shelf. We set out to elevate our equity at shelf through designs that are distinctive, iconic, and offer simplified product information so people can easily find the right product.

Band-Aid vs Private Label

After deciding to go with a vertical layout, I got to work translating the system onto every package variation, which enhanced brand recognition globally.  

When the designs were finalized, I helped supervise the printing of the mock-ups to ensure that both color integrity and quality were up to par. This involved many rounds of tweaks, troubleshooting, and problem-solving in order to translate the designs. In a few instances, I changed entire platform colors or main background textures.

Last thing to do? make sure the new design is seamlessly integrated into thousands of variations around the world.

This redesign was one of the most extensive, hands-on projects I've ever had to pleasure to be a part of. On top of redesigning a number of packages, establishing new standards for all renders, color-correcting every bandage, and creating new iconography, I shaped the guidelines for the global roll-out. Additionally,  I created the first ever internal toolkit with every single asset, from bandages, textures, logo variations, and more. It’s all in a single document, too.

  • 3 Rounds of Brand's Voice

  • Over 80 names generated & screened

  • 17 product names changed

  • Qualitative and
    Quantitative testing

  • 1000 specs touched across 220 SKUs

  • Tailored Romance Copy per platform

  • Refreshed iconography

  • 29 product illustrations

  • 20 Design reviews

  • 1 year early

My Role: Concept Developing – Design Direction & Implementation – Illustration – Photo Editing 

Contributors: Amanda Cassiday: Senior Manager, Consumer Solutions Jeffrey Silva: Design ManagerCASE: Design StrategyChris Loper: Production Operations Lead – And Many many more wonderful partners at Johnson & Johnson


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